Develop your Goshen By Bishop lsaac Oluyamo


Goshen, according to The New Bible Dictionary is the territory assigned to Israel and his descendants during their Egyptian sojourn. Its exact location remains uncertain but it certainly in Egypt and in the East of Nile Delta. It remained the habitat of the Hebrews until the Exodus.
It is generally agreed that Goshen was the region East of the Bubastic branch of the Nile; and in Psalm 78:12, 43, it seems to be clearly identified with the “field (or pastoral plain) of Zoan,” which was probably also the “land of Rameses” mentioned (Genesis 47:11) as possessed by Jacob’s family. Where first mentioned (Genesis 45:10), Goshen is promised by Joseph to Jacob as a land fit for flocks, and the Septuagint here reads, “Gesem of Arabia,” probably referring to the Arabian Nome which took its name from the “desert” which defended the East border of Egypt.
Joseph naturally placed his family on the border land between Egypt and Israel, the Promised Land, and at the same time near himself at Tunis or else Memphis the capital of Egypt.
The fresh water canal runs through it from the Nile to Ismailia. From El Wady to the head of the Gulf of Suez is three days’ journey, the distance assigned in Exodus. The answer of Joseph’s brethren to Pharaoh (Genesis 46:28; Genesis 46:34), “thy servants have been herdsmen from our youth,” (Joseph so instructing them “that ye may dwell in … Goshen, for every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians,”) proves that Goshen was regarded by Egyptians as scarcely Egypt proper, though having many Egyptians in it, as is recorded during the ten plagues; also foreigners. The names of sonic places in Goshen are Semitic, as Migdol and Baal-zephon. Joseph lived under the 12th or 13th dynasty, a native not a shepherd dynasty (as Genesis 46:34 proves).
Pharaoh calls Goshen “the best of the land” (Genesis 47:5-11), namely, for a pastoral people as Israel; for in tillage the parts of Egypt next the Nile are more fertile than Goshen. In Goshen Pharaoh implies he kept some of his cattle, over which he proposes to set Israelites as rulers of herdsmen. The separation of Israel from the plagues marks the distinctness of the land. Israel setting out from Rameses in Goshen in two days reached the edge of the Wilderness, and in one day more the Red Sea, i.e. from Rameses (on the old canal from the Tanitic arm of the Nile to lake Timsah) 30 miles direct to the ancient western shore.
The land Goshen was seen to be for the work of the people of Israel as herdsmen as seen in Genesis 46: 34 until the plagues started. A promised was made by God to save the descendants of Jacob the live in Goshen Exodus 8: 22. This promise was fulfilled in Exodus 9: 266. There was no hail in the land of Goshen. The people of Israel were protected. The spiritual implication of Goshen is a place of protection. Your Goshen can be your room, it can be your office or anywhere you are. The following things are necessary to note
Goshen is separated from Egypt. A regarded to be a boundary. You need to create a separate place of your own that will not be polluted by the world around you.
Goshen is a place given to the people who were regarded abomination to the Egypt. Egypt in the spiritual realm symbolises a land of bondage. Your Goshen must be free from bonds.
It is a land of provision. The descendants of Jacob had their provision for themselves and their sheep met in Goshen, Genesis 47: 4 ff. While in your Goshen, you can be sure of divine provisions.

When a building is to be constructed, several things are to be considered. Jesus Christ even said any man who plans to build must first count the cost, Luke 14: 28. Technologically, the following are the steps in the building of a structure.
1. Procurement of a site
2. Site inspection to ascertain the topographical nature of the site.
3. Site clearance
4. Surveying of the site

Construction practices.
The construction practices will begin with the setting out and digging of trenches. The trenches are the holes that receive the foundation. The foundation however is the part of the building that transmits the total load evenly into the soil. The nature of the foundation is determined by:
1. Nature of the soil
2. Type of building or structure.
3. Nature of live and dead loads the building meant to carry.
The above defines how a spiritual man can develop his Goshen effectively.


Remember that Joseph claimed the land Goshen for his people. He had settled them there before he went to Pharaoh, Genesis 46:28. The place where you are can be another Goshen for you. Few things that you will need in other to develop your habitation into Goshen are:
1. The development must start with a strong foundation which is the Word of God. Remember what the Lord said in Isaiah 28: 16 “therefore, thus says the Lord ‘Behold, i am the one who has laid as a foundation in Zion, a stone, a tested stone, a precious cornerstone, of a sure foundation: whoever believes will not be in haste.’
2. After building the foundation you will need to work on building the body of the Goshen city. A builder after constructing the foundation goes into the construction of walls. The walls are needed for shelter and prevention from harsh weather and dangerous animals. You will need to grow in the Word of God through faith. The Word of God is your light and compass to guide you into he right steps to take in every decision of life, Psalm 119: 105.
3. Make for your Goshen a roof. Let god be the head of your Goshen. See less of man and more of god in your daily situation. No man has the power of his own to safe and provide for you. Your total faith and trust must be built in God alone, as written in Proverbs 3: 5 ‘ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your understanding. This is a secret to making God a priority in every thing.
4. Remain in the Lord. The Israelites were saved in Goshen because they stayed put in it. Do not go looking for what is not. You may get hurt doing so. Your Goshen is made whole in God through Christ Jesus. Outside Him is danger! When you leave Him, you are like the man who was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho. Your Goshen is built in and upon Jesus Christ alone.

Conclusively, there are various waves that blow and many people get affected but in any situation of the world, pandemic or any other, remember the Lord who kept Israel away from the plagues sof Egypt is still alive. He is the God yesterday, today and tomorrow. His power is still very strong and He still saves. Staying in Him will fortify your Goshen and make you and your household safe.
By Bishop lsaac Oluyamo
Ijesa North Diocese Anglican communion



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