The Primate of the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, the Most Rev’d Henry Ndukuba has categorically stated that anyone who is involved in corruption, whether in the church, mosque, government, or in any office, is an enemy of God and the people. Ndukuba, who spoke with the press in Abuja, stressed that according to the scriptures, no corrupt, immoral or violent person, no homosexual, will be an inheritor of the kingdom of God.

Primate Ndukuba described corruption as stealing and a terrible enemy that is rooted in the fallen nature of man- sin, and pointed out that many times, people change the names of their actions, so that it does not appear evil. He said, “We find reasons to justify evil, and that must stop in Nigeria.”

He added that “Until we begin to have a national guideline for behaviour, attitude, and whatever we are asked to do; and the expectations of the people are respected, we may not make any headway.”

The Primate defined corruption as when an individual takes the advantaged position or resources placed at his disposal for the good of all, and changes it for his personal interests, to the detriment of the society, community and nation. He posited that corruption is a problem of the mind and not a result of poverty or suffering. He warned that the wicked would surely be punished, either here on earth or at the judgment throne of God, where everyone would stand to give account. Therefore, he called on religious and political leaders to examine themselves and turn to God. He urged them to stop taking advantage of others, in their allocation of resources, the appointment of positions and employment of the youths.


The head of the Anglican Church in Nigeria emphasized that the issue of insecurity in Nigeria must be addressed for the nation to progress. He decried that critical infrastructures were being attacked, yet no one was being held responsible; explaining that this would destroy the nation gradually. Hence, he enjoined the government and security agencies to stand up to these issues and help Nigeria.

He declared that Nigeria would prosper because God has a special interest in Nigeria, and in the role that the country would play in Africa and the world. He said, “I believe that there is a purpose for Nigeria; there is a future for Nigeria and we are standing for that future, no matter the things that are surrounding us.”


  1. While we must strive in this in times in which we live and speak out against the evil that we see and be lights and salt to the Earth we must stand for justice but we do this by proclaiming the name of Jesus realizing that the punishment of God is being poured out upon man and and not being despaired but being filled with joy to see his prophecy come true

  2. O God the Lord, have mercy on Nigeria, on Africa, on the rest of the world. Bring back your Word with all its commands so that men might repent and believe in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. And let us be satisfied with it and it alone. Stay your hand from judgment a while longer. Give us more men like Ndukuba, who is a true hero of the faith, and may none of his words fall to the ground empty. In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.


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