The Labour Party in Ogun State has accused the Senate Minority Leader, Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe, of being “a major component of the engine growing and sustaining national insecurity.”

The party was reacting to a recent call by Abaribe that President Muhammadu Buhari should resign his position as result of the rising cases of insecurity in the nation.

In an exclusive interview with DAILY POST in Abeokuta on Sunday, the Chairman of the Labour Party in Ogun State, Comrade Abayomi Arabambi, said “Abaribe is a widely acknowledged integral pillar of the very many conspiracies that are flying.”

Arabambi said Abaribe and the Peoples Democratic Party were “financing and generally promoting insecurity in the country with very full and highly adequate logistics.”


The Labour Party said the call on Buhari to resign was a well orchestrated plan by Abaribe, the PDP and some paid media, to frustrate Buhari out of office.

Arabambi maintained that the “arranged and choreographed call on PMB to resign on the floor of the Nigerian Senate for the given reason of national insecurity must be properly understood and rightly situated.”

He informed that Abaribe, who made the call, must first be exposed for who he is and his objective in respect of the “unpopular call” he made.

Speaking further, the Ogun Labour party took a swipe at the person of Abaribe, saying: “Let us even take a look at the man who made the very unpopular call Sen. Abaribe, is he one who came to equity with clean hands? A big capital “NO”. He is a man, who as a Deputy Governor, had to be impeached twice because he had a strong connection of the diabolical, amoral and stinkingly rich in high places, including the Presidency then.

The Ogun Labour party added that Abaribe’s call for Buhari’s resignation is one dangerous and evil attempt to once again push Nigeria into unrest.

He emphasised that the call must be seen by all patriots as an attempt to trouble the national well-being of themselves and children, even the unborn ones.

“We in the LP in Ogun State condemn this atrocious and evil call by the PDP and its paw, Senator Abaribe, in very strong terms,” Arabambi stated.


  1. If you are not sure of what you are saying please think well before making any comment. All you”ve just said are big lies upon lies. please stop all this propoganda for the sake of our children future. Nigeria for now is going down with Buhari in power, nothing good is happening, we are going backword as a Nation. Please stop all this story Sen. Abaribe been this or that. What sen. Abaribe said are just the happening we are seeing now.People are dying every day, what are you saying.


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