First Institution

A discussion programme on the marriage institution that provides enablement for a successful Christian marriage. Issues on communication, infertility, infidelity, money, external influence etc. are discussed on the programme. It is aimed at promoting and protecting the sanctity of marriage.

Multi-Tasking Creation

This is a women’s magazine programme that promotes the multidimensional roles of a woman; whether at home, work, Church, community, governance etc.

Man Alive

An expert forum designed to highlight concerns peculiar to men; such as issues of manhood, spiritual leadership, infertility, fatherhood etc. and provide solutions.

Talk With Me

An expert forum on effective communication within the Christian family; following the example of God as the first initiator of communication.

Prayer Hour

It is a phone-in programme that enables Christians who watch ACNN to receive encouragement through shared testimonies and to address particular issues concerning our faith as believers through prayer and counselling. It is a platform where the needs of viewers are directly addressed through prayers.

Health Watch

An interview programme to enlighten the viewing public about family health issues, etc. It is aimed at educating viewers on health related issues; how to prevent and avoid contracting diseases and taking care of one’s general well-being.

The Exclusive

It is a one-on-one interview programme where respected Church leaders and policy makers address issues and intrigues of matters arising in the society, landmark activities and footprints of the Anglican heritage and other general issues. It is a platform where eminent personalities of the Church give their insights on issues bordering on the Church, society and generality of mankind.

Youth Arena

A youth programme anchored by the youths, wherein they explore the peculiar challenges of this age and the developments of the 21st century. Its objective is to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of young people and prepare them for leadership in the Church and society.

Christians In Politics

It is a discussion programme that takes a look at issues arising from the Political sector. It is also a programme that encourages Christians to participate in politics. Its objective is to provide Biblical views on matters arising in the society.


It is a News bulletin that focusses on church activities of interest to members. Also, it informs viewers of happenings both locally and internationally.

Children Cartoons

It features Christian cartoon programmes for children.

Daily Fountain

This is an early morning devotional programme from the daily devotional guide of the Church of Nigeria Anglican communion to usher people into a new day. It shows daily at 4am, 5am, 6am and 9am; because of the time difference in our viewing countries.

Church Events

This showcases different events taking place or that have taken place in the Dioceses in the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion.

Turning Point

A life changing interview program produced by Christian Broadcasting Network.

Inspiration Behind The Hymns

This is a program that reveals the Author, History and Inspiration behind Hymns.

At The King’s Court

A live musical program featuring different genre of gospel and worship music.

Bible Study

A 45 minute program that deals with in-depth discussion from the Holy Bible.

700 Club

A life changing interview program produced by Christian Broadcast Network.

Sports Hour

A weekly sports show that reviews sports news across the world.